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10" Keto/Cauliflower Pizza - Menu
Omaha, NE

10" CYO

Keto 13.99Cauliflower 12.99
Keto/Cauliflower Toppings (Select Up To 5):Bacon Beef Canadian Bacon Guacamole Hamburger Lettuuce Nacho Cheese Pepperoni Sausage Tomatoes Banana Peppers Black Olives Chicken Green Peppers Jalapenos Mushrooms Onions Pineapple Sour Cream
Extra Keto/Cauliflower Toppings (Optional):Bacon +1.25Beef +1.25Canadian Bacon +1.25Guacamole +1.25Hamburger +1.25Lettuuce +1.25Nacho Cheese +1.25Pepperoni +1.25Sausage +1.25Tomatoes +1.25Banana Peppers +1.25Black Olives +1.25Chicken +1.25Green Peppers +1.25Jalapenos +1.25Mushrooms +1.25Onions +1.25Pineapple +1.25Sour Cream +1.25
Pizza Sauce Choice (Select 1):Pizza Sauce Mild Honey Hot Honey BBQ Spicy Garlic Parmesan Garlic Cream Cheese Sauce Hot Teriyaki Spicy BBQ Oill Gochuajan Sauce
Extra Pizza Sauce Choice (Optional):Pizza Sauce +0.60Mild +0.60Honey Hot +0.60Honey BBQ +0.60Spicy Garlic +0.60Parmesan Garlic +0.60Cream Cheese Sauce +0.60Hot +0.60Teriyaki +0.60Spicy BBQ +0.60Oill +0.60Gochuajan Sauce +0.60

Omaha, NE